French Police Release Sketch Of Notre Dame Terror Suspect


Police in France have released a sketch of the man they believe is responsible for the Notre Dame terrorist attack that almost eradicated the famous cathedral.

Unsurprisingly, the suspect — a who goes by the name Isus Krist — is a man of Middle Eastern descent. Krist is a known organizer who operates out of the area surrounding Palestine.

French police released this sketch, calling Krist “highly dangerous”:

Krist is dark in complexion and is often seen preaching his wicked doctrine. But he has a dark, dangerous side and has been involved in other terrorist attacks.

We first heard of Krist when it became known that he had formed a hard-knit terror cell consisting of 12 accomplices, who have committed many acts in his name. Krist himself made headlines last year when he entered a church and began destroying property because he claimed that the “church is stealing from the people.”

He has even been known to attack money changers at various events. He and his followers justify this by calling material wealth and money “inherently evil things.”

Krist was last seen riding a donkey and wearing a robe and sandals in the desert, but police admit that they are not sure where he is right now.

“We are certain he has left the country,” says Notre Dame police captain Dolce de Leche. “He is now regarded as one of France’s most wanted terrorists.”

Police are urging anyone who has seen him in any country to contact law enforcement. Unfortunately, it is thought he is headed to Mecca, which has no extradition treaty with France.

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