Fred Willard Left a Fortune to Trump 2020 Campaign


Fred Willard, movie star and comedian died at the age of 86 and left a fortune to the Trump 2020 re-election campaign. He was known for his roles in Spinal Tap, Smothers Brothers, and the Carol Burnett show.

His family spokesman, Joseph Barron released a statement earlier today confirming the actor’s death and espousing on his final wishes. “Fred was a massive Trump supporter, he loved the man, he played his father in a Jimmy Kimmel sketch a few years back, heaping tons of praise and love on the president,” Barron said in a press release.

The actor was a well known conservative republican who only took roles that matched his beliefs, such as his breakout role in the 1967 movie “A Teenage Mother” and Ray’s Male Heterosexual Dance Hall in 1987. He took pride in his work and his activism in republican politics.

He was born in Shaker Heights, Ohio, and graduated at Kentucky Military Institute in 1951. He served in the armed forces, stationed in Germany, which shaped his conservative views and politics. He worked in show business from 1959 till his death.  He enjoyed the opportunity to share his conservative ideals with his castmates, turning even the most liberal of them to conservatism over the last 60 years.

“it’s been my great joy to work in film and get young liberals to see the errors of their ways!” exclaimed Willard in 2012 after an arrest at an adult theater. “Sometimes I bring them here, where it’s quiet and alone, and tell them all about the virtues of conservatism!”  When Trump announced he was running in 2015, Fred could barely contain his excitement and was one of the first to hop aboard the Trump Train.

Fred Willard spent nearly 60 years in show business where he amassed quite the fortune, which he is leaving solely to The Trump re-election campaign   He wants to ensure, even in death, that America, his home sweet home, stays great



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