Fox News Wins Pulitzer Prize for Reporting During Crisis

Illusory Reporting Award!

Hannity, Laura, and the whole gang over at Fox News are in for a MAGA surprise! It has just been announced that they are winning one of the most coveted awards in journalism — the Pulitzer.

Oh, the liberal media is going to be kicking dirt about this one.

This accolade is specific to their “fair and balanced” coverage of the crisis. The network has been on the ball through this entire ordeal, making sure the public is educated on the dangers of the current crisis.

Joe Barron, Chairman of the Pulitzer Committee had this to say about the nomination:

“We are pleased to announce that Pulitzer is awarding Fox News with the ‘Illusory Reporting Award.’ This is an honor we reserve only for them, as they have earned their place as leader in this category. Congratulations to the network and their viewership. You are America!”

Specifically, on March 9, Hannity took to the airwaves to dismiss the entire thing and ignore the failure of the Trump administration, obviously intending to calm the masses, no matter how inaccurate the reporting.

Laura Ingrahm obviously got the talking points memo from the White House at that time, also dismissing the emergency and calling all other reporting of the facts as “panic pushers.”

Last but not least, Fox & Friends candidly joked about how empty the airports were and actually told people that, “It’s actually the safest time to fly.”

Just to clear this up, it’s not. No agency on March 13, or since then, says you should be traveling unnecessarily.

Oh, where would we be without these stellar journalists? Some say more prepared. Some say with a more educated populous. Some say a whole hell of a lot better off as a whole.

But, here we are. Attempting to dismiss this kind of ridiculousness on a Satire site, because we have more ethics and integrity than Faux News.

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