Fox News Has Had Enough of Chris Wallace: ‘His Time Here Is Done’

Chris Wallace has always been known as one of the liberal shills Fox News keeps on the payroll. They have a long history of hanging on to one or two of these anti-American fake news guys to make it seem like they offer both sides of the story.

We all know better. There is only one side, and people like Megyn Kelly, Shep Smith, and Chris Wallace are just there to try to add “credibility” to the network’s conservative lineup.

What they’re finally beginning to realize is that Fox News doesn’t care about their “credibility,” they only care about the truth, as it plays out to millions of conservatives across this great nation.

The higher-ups have finally had enough. A leaked internal memo from the President of Programming, filed with the Office for Political Propaganda, shows that they intend to cancel Wallace’s contract and force him into retirement.

The memo, provided to ALLOD by a source who may or may not be credible, offers irrefutable proof that the network is looking to stay as conservative as possible:

“Mr. Wallace does not support the reporting of the truth the way the Fox News base demands. That is, he tends to offer facts and asks questions that are contrary to their beliefs, which is not condusive to our network’s environment.

“We stand for the alt-truth. We read between the lines. If everything werer as black and white as Wallace makes it seem, there would be no Fox News.

“Therefore, it is the decision of the Board and with the approval of the Propaganda Department that we terminate his contract at the end of this year.”

Wallace hasn’t responded to questions, but President Trump, on hearing the news, says he looks forward to Wallace being replaced with a real newsman like Hannity or Tucker Carlson.

We can only hope. Good riddance, Wallace.

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