Fired Star Gina Carano Is Being Courted By Fox And OAN

The truth is right there in front of you

Gina Carano, star of “The Mandalorian,” has been fired for standing up for the rights of patriotic American Trump supporters like herself.  She’s the latest victim of cancel culture by the left. Liberals who despise the First Amendment rights of real Americans and try and destroy the careers of conservatives. They tried. And they failed here.

Carano may have been fired by the liberals, but several conservative news have taken interest and offered her big contracts to come work for them. Carano will be able to speak her truth without fear of the left trying to ruin her career again. In another burst of great news for Carano, noted filmmaker Ben Shapiro is offering her a role in one of his films!

Gina Carano is a proud conservative Trump supporter.  She understands the hate that Trump has gotten in the last five years and mows that Trump really did Make America Great Again. The liberal left had criticized and disparaged Trump and his supporters and potatoriots like Carano just weren’t going to take it anymore, and by posting truth, she was fired. But she has no regrets.

Our very own Joseph Barton interviewed Ms Carano and asked her how she felt about the firing and being courted by Fox and OAN. Several times during the interview, Carano quoted a certain despised past German leader and spoke of her love of Donald Trump, and how Trump and Adolf were like two peas in a pod. Barron needed help picking his jaw off the floor.

Patriots around the country screamed to boycott, most demanding people cancel their subscriptions because they believe the company was censoring Carano. Once again, conservatives who literally know nothing don’t understand that freedom of speech isn’t without freedom of consequences. If only there were a document they could read….

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