Bernie Sanders Supporters Are Now Backing Trump 2020

The Truth Is Right In Front Of You

With Bernie Sanders dropping out of the 2020 presidential election, his supporters are flocking to Donald Trump. After Donald Trump tweeted for them to join him, they dutifully did, in droves, and the migration is nowhere near finished.

When Sanders announced his decision to drop out, his supporters were lost, they didn’t know what to do and where to go, and then one by one, in social media posts and from basements all over America, they turned in their Che shirts for MAGA hats.

Bernie Bro turned MAGAT Joe Barron said it best, “When you look at the two men, the differences couldn’t be more stark, but I’m drawn to Trump, he’s doing what Bernie said he would do, give me free money!!!”

Many Bernie supporters are looking forward to their $1200 stimulus checks as it’ll be the first real money in they’ve seen in years.

When asked why they wouldn’t vote for Biden since he would be the closest candidate that holds their ideology, one simple statement was the answer that they all echoed.

“It’s the socialism, stupid.”

Even Sanders supporters understand that the stimulus checks are simply to buy votes, and their votes are most certainly for sale.

When told of this political windfall, Donald Trump was skeptical at first and then ecstatic. “This isn’t fake news?” He asked, thinking that he himself first made it up. He beamed as he spoke about how the poorly educated support him and here’s more proof of that. He knows they’re supporting him for the right reasons: they, like him, have absolutely no idea what it is they’re doing.

Bernie supporters will now be marching along side of Trump Supporters, they themselves feeling the Bern of another failed presidential bid, and also hoping Trump keeps his promise of another free government money check, just like the Trump supporters who scream about socialism, but can’t wait to benefit from that same socialism that they say they are vehemently against.

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