Experts Agree with President Trump’s Immigration Ban

Totally Not Racist or Xenophobic

President Trump in all of his wisdom and glory signed into law an immigration ban that will help get us out of the current crisis and protect American jobs.

Experts from all over the country are weighing in and giving approval of this unorthodox policy. Isn’t that just so “Trump”?!?! He’s always doing things so different, so anti-Washington D.C. Never before has an all out immigration ban ever stood up against the U.S. Constitution, because we always had bleeding-heart liberals interfere. Well, Trump will have none of that.

Trump has the backing of several experts in the field. David Duke of Louisiana, proud patriot and former congressperson said this:

“We have to protect American jobs. Now with so many people out of work, Americans need to have all of the options. As a last resort, a few may decide those fields don’t look so bad. They need the opportunity to take the jobs they otherwise would never even consider. That’s how desperate we are now.”

Permit Patty and Pool Patrol Paula, both who have been out of the limelight for quite some time, also chimed in to say they agree with this blanket immigration ban.

“Clearly, this is the best thing for our country and what President Trump wanted the whole time. We are so glad he is taking this opportunity to exploit a national emergency for his own political gain. It’s the dirty trumper way to do things.”

Of course, this has drawn great criticism from liberals in both the news and government. Joe Barron, California Democrat representing the second most liberal place on earth, Los Angeles, said:

“This is a blemish on the face of America. People who share this story proudly are not only imbeciles, they are racist, xenophobic imbeciles who really have no business allowing the word ‘constitution’ to slip from their lips. They do not have the ability to fully grasp what the document says and should have zero say-so in what happens in this country.”

And basically, that’s the truth.

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