European MAGA Gaining Popularity

Nations across Europe are raging at the USA, accusing them of cultural appropriation, the likes of which the world has never before seen. And they want it to stop.

The “Movement Against Greedy Americans”  has gained momentum in recent years, it’s members angry at what citizens of the USA are calling “American culture”.  EU Spokesbabe Satya Martin, held a lingerie press conference to express their concerns.

“We keep hearing about citizens of the USA screaming that immigrants need to assimilate to American culture and we think to ourselves, ‘American culture? What the f**k is that?’

A nation’s culture is made up of many components. In America, none are their own. Everything they claim as part of their culture came from the greatness of Europe.

The deep fried, bacon-wrapped Snickers bar has been found to be the only uniquely American cuisine.

Architecture? All their celebrated monuments use euro designs. Demolish them please.

Clothing? Everything was either straight up made in Europe first or Europe inspired. Be original or be nude.

Cuisine? Haha. Americans try to claim all sorts of foods as their own! None are theirs. From hamburgers -or hamberders, as I understand they now call them – to hot dogs, to apple pie……all come from Europe.

Martin points out that even White House meals consist of European culture.

Language? Sorry Yanks, dropping some vowels here there from English and calling it ‘American English’ does not make the tongue unique. Give it back to England and make your own, you lazy twatwaffles.

And it goes on and on. Look, we’ve never minded you stealing our culture for your use but if you’re going to use it to threaten immigrants and refugees looking for a better life, you can f**k right off and give it all back.”

Some feel this European MAGA makes a strong point about formation of a unique American identity. Others say these Euros are just being a-holes. Either way, this controversy does not appear to be going anywhere anytime soon.

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