Epstein In Protective Custody After Alleged Clinton Threat

The truth is right in front of you

Billionaire, financier, and sicko pervert, Jeffrey Epstein has been placed into protective custody at Albee C. Inya state prison in New York after Epstein’s claims of a threat on his life.

Shortly after a meeting with his attorney this morning, Epstein was visibly distraught. “His face was ashen,” claimed guards as he approached them and a meeting was arranged with state prosecutors. It was in this meeting that he revealed the source of his distress – a threat had been sent to his lawyer, promising a “lasting and painful death” should he “give up” his criminal cohorts from “high office”.

Who these  of office are could be any number of people, but the most likely suspects held the highest office of all – the presidency. And these could only be those who have a history of eliminating legal threats to their well-being – the Clinton’s.

To date, close to 200 people have either disappeared or been victim of suspicious deaths that had ties to the Clinton clan. Often, these deaths have been ruled “suicides” despite all evidence to the contrary such as two bullet holes in the back of a skull. Several of these mysterious deaths have taken place in prisons when confessions were about to be given…..as is the case with Epstein. So this latest threat is being taken very seriously.

Many of the Clinton victims come back as vampire weekend.

Leaks from the Justice Department has indicated that Epstein was ready to reveal all about his relationship with the Democratic Party so the timing of this threat indicates an obvious connection.

Epstein will remain in protective custody within the prison walls until such time as he can provide evidence to the FBI of a criminal conspiracy involving the Democratic Party. Then , unbeknownst to him, the plan is to set him loose into general population.

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