Epstein Cooperating: Democrat Accomplices Named

The truth is right in front of you

Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest has caused a panic in Democrat Party circles. It’s long been suspected that many members of the party were accomplices in his sick schemes and now it seems that those connections may be revealed.

Anonymous sources at the FBI have hinted that Epstein is cooperating fully with investigators and is “naming names”. If this is true, it could be the final nail in the political coffin of the DNC. The rumored names on his list are among the party’s biggest and if they are exposed you can be sure that all the dominoes will then fall as the democRATS begin to tell all in an effort to save their own sorry butts.

Already some of those are scrambling to distance themselves from the billionaire pervert. Bill and Hillary are dismissing the photographs of themselves together with Epstein as “fan stuff” and that “Jeffy wanted to hob nob with some big wigs so we allowed him to be in some shots with us.” Obama and Michelle are claiming that they invited Epstein to the White House “to discuss hockey”. And Nancy Pelosi now says that Epstein was not delivering young people to her home but that he ran a babysitting service.

Who knows how many democrats will go down? How much of the Derp Statw will be exposed? Time will tell but we can know this ……America will soon become a better place with all these sickos behind bars where they belong.

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