Dr. Fauci Taken In For Questioning By Trump’s DOJ

The truth is right there in front of you

Dr. Anthony Fauci has been brought in for questioning per Trump’s orders, and the liberals are steaming mad about it. This has been coming for some time as Trump had Fauci sign a non disclosure agreement and also barred him from media appearances that were not sanctioned by the White House.

He willfully disregarded the rule about media appearances. Donald Trump has been at odds with Fauci for some time now, and seeing him on television was the last straw.

As Donald was eating his lunch, he saw Fauci on Fox News, and he snapped. Trump contacted DOJ head Bill Barr and had him hauled in.

Trump couldn’t believe that he would go over him like this. Trump is president, and he has the last word. The president does not allow anyone to do anything he doesn’t want.  He is the boss, and has the last say.

Joseph Barron is the White House media coordinator for all White House personnel. He’s never heard of such a rule, but doesn’t dismiss it entirely knowing how the president likes to keep things in order and private.

“He’s a bit of a control freak,” lamented Barron. “He can’t keep his lies straight as it is, and having people just speak without an approved script to make himself look like less of an abject failure is a big no no.”

Only a few people outside of Trump and his family can make statements without prior approval, they have to meet the boot licking seal first.

Trump doesn’t trust many outside of his very small and getting smaller inner circle. They could tell secrets, or tell the truth, which in Trump’s case could be extremely bad.

It’s hard enough for Trump to keep his own BS straight, let alone any others. The White House tries to tamp down on any more embarrassing details, like when he tried to buy Greenland or when he used a sharpie to change a hurricane’s course.

It’s hard keeping Trump sound somewhat coherent. It’s the least they can do since making him sound presidential is impossible.

Fauci, led by U.S. Marshalls, was brought in front of Trump for a tongue lashing before being interviewed by Bill Barr, who is trying to make up some statute or rule to keep Fauci from the TV cameras, which should only be reserved for Trump, who is a true star.

It’s why Trump surrounds himself with other stupid people. To make himself look like the smartest person in the White House. 

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