Donald Trump’s 2024 Southern Strategy Will Win

The truth is right there in front of you

President Donald J Trump knows his base. It’s in the rural areas, the South, the Midwest and the vast open spaces of the west where the liberals aren’t at.  All of these areas have one thing in common, and that’s how they respect and even try to emulate the southern states and how the South is its own entity. The South is for the bold, and always has been. And that’s the winning ticket to victory for Donald Trump. He, and they, know that.

The confederate flag waves high in the south, but it also flies high in the places where Americans love freedom the most. The confederate flag is the ultimate symbol of freedom and a stance against a tyrannical government. It screams conservatism. It flies to own the liberals who claim it’s anything but what it really is. A symbol against an oppressive liberal government hell bent on taking your guns and your freedoms.

The most common flag that waves next to a Trump flag (besides the Stars and Stripes of course!) is the confederate rebel flag.  And that what President Trump is and so are his supporters. Rebels. They rebel against tyranny and liberalism. They stand tall for freedom and the police. They love our country but not what the liberal left tries to do to destroy this great republic. That’s why Donald J Trump, 45th President of these great United States, is adopting the Southern Strategy.

Now obviously, anyone who flies that flag or believes that the south will rise again is pretty uneducated and will believe anything that fits their insanely stupid world view. But these are Trump’s people. He’s said it himself. He loves the poorly educated. And nobody is as poorly educated as a bunch of Stockholm syndrome having mouth breathers that thinks a living wage is a bad thing. That’s right. They know who the sheep are. Everyone who isn’t them. So when you see them in a red hat and a lifted diesel pick up with a punisher sticker on it and flying 15 flags from the truck bed that they can barely afford on $31,000 a year, and they all do this, you know they’re not sheep, even though they even keep their beards the same way….

Will the rebel flag be the ticket to Trump’s success in 2024? We asked Joseph Barron, a political historian what his thoughts were. And he said it straight. “Don’t they remember what happened the last time? They were soundly defeated, and they will be again. There’s stupid, and then there are these people”.  Trump holds his base in low regard. He knows no matter what he says, no matter how insane or untrue, they’ll eat it up. He’s really the savior for stupid people. Because Trump is still on lifetime social media bans, you can find him on Etch-A-Sketch and Ham Radio, and featured on the CB Radio on channel 19 if you’re near Palm Beach Florida. God Bless America!

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