New Research Proves Donald Trump Has the Biggest Numbers of Any President

The truth is right in front of you

Even liberals have to admit, Donald Trump’s numbers are historical. No matter if it’s the economy, public safety, handling the pandemic, whatever it is, Donald Trump’s numbers are through the roof and there’s absolutely no denying that.

Take that, libtards!

Presidential historian Joseph Barron helped compile the list of Trump achievements for the study and even he was shocked. “These are through the roof!”

He exclaimed, adding he’s never seen anything like this.

“These are numbers of which the likes this country has ever seen, they’re literally astronomical!”

Went it comes to almost everything, Trump’s ability to tarnish the records set by his predecessors is truly amazing. He is truly making things happen in America. Not good things, but things. And being infamous is just like being successful except completely the opposite.

Donald Trump’s time In office has broken records for the amount of people out of a job. Thirty-three million as this is written. That is a YUGE number of jobless claims, beating the records in the Great Depression set 91 years ago. That’s a feat within itself!!!! 

When it comes to premature deaths, especially in a short amount of time, Trump holds that record too, with 75,000 Americans dying on his watch in a span of two months. This really takes a dedicated man to screw up this badly. He really is MAGA!!!

When it came to lies or mistruths, Trump claimed the record there as well, with over 18,000 in 3.5 years. Folks, this man knows what he’s doing. 

When you add up all of the convictions and indictments in his administration, even Nixon doesn’t hold a candle. He beats out Nixon and Reagan, COMBINED!!! Reagan had 26. Nixon had 76. But Donald Trump has 215.

Can a democrat pull this off????

Donald Trump’s three and a half years in office can make a mafia man blush. His accomplishments speak for themselves. This is a man who lives for numbers and he truly has the biggest numbers of them all. This country has never seen a president like Donald Trump, and here’s to never seeing one like him again.

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