Dems Unveil Plan To Add MLK To Rushmore

Is He Great Enough?

Mount Rushmore is in need of a new addition, is it not? The images of our earliest American presidents have resided on its face for decades, each of those honored a grand example of what it means to be American. But there have been greats since then. So isn’t it time to add? To give the mountain a makeover?

The funding is already in place for a new mug and proposals have been made to have President Trump’s handsome visage placed alongside the other greats but that has never made it past the communist democrat controlled House of Representatives.

Now those same Democrats, led by Speaker Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, are ranting about the crag’s “lack of minority representation” and have initiated a bill to address that. Announced today on the anniversary of his assassination, Nancy Pelosi  is pushing to have civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr placed up there for all to see. The bill is expected to pass handily through the House and Schumer is busily bribing Senate members to endure passage there.

Pelosi stated, “If this doesn’t pass, i guarantee you we will put Obama on there after we retake the senate. Who’d you rather, Republicans?”

Sen Schumer, also at today’s press conference, explained why this idea is so important :

“Let’s put aside for a moment the obvious racial difference. Every one of those presidents would have vehemently opposed everything that Dr King stood for. Civil rights for minorities? Equality for black men, women, and children? Those men on that mountain would have strung up King before they would have let that happen.

They were all hateful bigot republicans and I want them to be stuck beside a great black man for eternity!”

Whether this passes through the Senate will depend on how deep the Democrat’s bribery pockets are. With billionaire George Soros also backing the plan, it looks like it may be a sure thing.

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