Dems Next ‘Witness’ Has Rap Sheet A Mile Long

The truth is right in front of you

Army General Joseph Barron is being trotted out before the impeachment panel as the Democrat’s next ‘star witness’ with left wing claims that “this one has the goods on the President.”

Chief Counsel for the Democrats’ “Impeachment Cancels Everything” Team, Sandy Batt, gave us a glimpse into what ICE will be presenting with the introduction of their latest star:

“General Barron was the other man in the room. He totally witnessed President Trump’s phone call. Totally.

There is nobody in the world more trustworthy and credible than General Joe. He is not a troll. He serves the people proudly and has done so for years. He may look a little odd – his head is too big for his body – but don’t let that fool you. Joe is incapable of lying.”

GOP representative, Madelyn Bowie – known on The Hill as ‘Lady A**hole’ for her tough, no-nonsense attitude – begged to differ.

“General Joe isn’t even a general. He’s a low level lackey with delusions of grandeur that the Democrats indulge, no matter how insulting to those real soldiers among us who put their lives on the line for our country.

What Joe really is is a criminal. Life-long. We have information before us of his convictions for speeding, jaywalking, littering, public intoxication, and the like stretching back into the 1970’s. This ‘witness’ is nothing more than a lowlife thug, a common criminal.”

The Democrats have yet to produce an actual witness to their claims of telephone extortion and ‘General Joe’ doesn’t seem likely to change that. This whole thing is a farce and needs to end before any more taxpayer money is wasted.

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