Democrats Use Taxpayer Money To Pay For Terrorist Soleimani’s Funeral

The truth is right in front of you

When President Trump and the United States eliminated General Soleimani of Iran in a missile strike, they were doing the world a favor. This is a man who was barely a man at all. Human only in the physical sense but lacking in the morality required to have true humanity.

Soleimani should have been simply thrown into a pit or burned in order
to dispose of his body. But that’s not what has happened.

The general was given a “Funeral of Honor” in his native Iran. This funeral involves much pomp and fanfare, fireworks and feasts, prostitutes and orgies. And guess who paid for it? We did.

Shortly after his death, the Democratic Party made arrangements for his internment. They did so quietly and without debate. The end result was American taxpayers being on the hook for a funeral procession and service with a sum total cost of $956,000.

An aid to Nancy Pelosi, sexpot Satya Martin, tried to justify this action:

“He was just a man, like any other. He could’ve been any of us, murdered in his prime. Soleimani is you, he is me, he is everyone.

Covering his funeral costs after we so viciously slaughtered him was the right thing to do. Given the same circumstances, we would do it again.”

That right there is democrat treason.

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