Democrats Introduce Bill To ‘Euthanize Seniors’ To Save Social Security

Get These Monsters Out Of Government

Further proof that Democrats are the greatest evil that the world has ever seen.  Democrat Senator Ginny Talia was talking with colleagues Monday and was overheard saying :

“Americans over 70 years old should just be euthanized. That’s how to save social security.”


Sen Ginny Talia says she would have no problem using the power of her youth to take care of “the problem of the elderly” herself

The remarks were made following a Senate Sub-committee meeting on how to keep Social Security from being taken over by those who would oppose one of the great hallmarks of our capitalist economy. It is felt by many on The Hill that liberals are lying in wait to take over the program and put their grubby socialist mark all over it. This was evidenced by the words of Miss Talia.

But she didn’t stop with that remark. Talia’s disgusting rant was captured on cell phone video by a passerby so we have all the details :

“Seriously, why do we even keep them around? I mean thank you for your service but you no longer serve any purpose in society.

There’s so damn many of them now. Boomers. Our infrastructure can’t support them. Socialism is about protecting the good of all. The few make sacrifices for the whole. Geriatrics should be saying to themselves,’We are a burden on society. Our children will suffer for our selfishness in staying alive.’

And all they talk about is patriotism. Caring for your country. If they were really patriotic, they’d be lining up to be euthanized. Or, better yet, they’d save the government the money and take care of it themselves.”

Tickling has been offered as a low-cost means of carrying out senior executions. “Their old hearts can’t take it” says Talia.

The government ethics committee intends to look into the remarks of Sen. Talia. If it is found that her words amount to hate speech, she could be removed from office and jeered for having such thoughts. Here’s hoping.

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