Democrats Engineered Coronavirus to Hurt Trump, Now it’s Uncontrollable.

The truth is right there in front of you

Far left Democrats engineered the coronavirus virus, and now it’s completely out of control. What started out as merely a common cold has now exploded into a worldwide pandemic.

First reported by Rush Limbaugh and repeated by the usual calm and cool Donald Trump, the virus was to scare people and hurt the president. This is the most vile thing they’ve ever done!

The liberal media has gotten ahold of this story and have run wild with it, blaming trump for the coronavirus and pointing fingers at his administration for the market crash which has lost 12% since then beginning of the week.

The coronavirus started in China when far left liberal Democrats contacted the Chinese government to help them stop pro-Trump marches in the country. They worked with the government to come up with the virus to stop the protests, but it has gotten out of control.

What was a simple cold has turned into a deadly virus that is spanning the globe, and has now hit the United States. As it continues to grow stronger, the virus is responsible for taking down the stock market.

Instead of the democrats being honest with the American people, they’ve jumped at the chance to blame our President for the virus and it’s ramifications. President Trump has installed VP Mike Pence as coronavirus czar, marking VP Pence’s success with HIV in his own state of Indiana (and denial).

To ensure absolutely no information will get out to the general public unless it’s deemed good for the administration, Vice President Pence will approve or deny all communications from the Centers For Disease Control, instead implementing a no touch policy, especially if it’s other women except for mother. There will also be lots of praying, simply pretending to do something.  A befuddled CDC head, Joseph Barron was completely taken aback by all of this, since VP Pence has zero idea of what it’s like to touch another human being besides his mom 


The President has scolded democrats and the media for trying to make him look bad, and we don’t blame him one bit. This is a developing story.

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