Democrats Are Trying To Charge Trump With ‘Starting A Civil War’

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have begun a new and ridiculous vendetta against President Trump, vowing to find a way to charge him with “trying to start a civil war.” The accusations came after Trump declared at a rally in Michigan that there would be “a great and noble civil war in this country” if he was removed from office.

That single statement, which isn’t ever going to come true since Mitch McConnell has already said Trump will be acquitted, will probably be the next thing they try to use to impeach Trump. According to our legal analyst, what he said isn’t even a crime:

“Trump is the President. He can do or say anything he wants. If there’s a civil war in this country, it will be the Democrats who are responsible, since they can’t seem to let go of their anger.

“Trump is doing what he was elected to do by more than 90 million people: he’s owning the libs. The base doesn’t care about high crimes and misdeeanors. nobody gives a crap about what happens in Ukraine.

“All that matters is that he makes them angry, and that’s why we all voted for him. It’s time for their reign of communist socialism to end.”

The House Democrats are reportedly already beginning their next round of impeachment “inquiries” as we speak, keeping them secret until the current charges are dropped by the Supreme Court.

According to federal law, if they keep it up, they’ll just continue to extend the number of years Trump can rule, which already stands at 11.

Keep going, libs. Before long we’ll have what we all really want: Trump in office for as long as possible. That’s how we keep America great.

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