Democrat’ New Background Check Question Angers Gun Buyers

Enough is enough!

The background check to purchase firearms in the United States has been expanded. Only by one question, but that is enough to anger many gun owners  nationwide who have had enough of government attempts at gutting the second amendment.

This latest attempt by big democratic government to hinder a legal citizen’s ability to purchase weapons comes on the heels of the controversial bump stock ban, enacted by the Democrat Senate , which President Trump was unfortunately powerless to stop. That was the first significant unconstitutional gun legislation in almost a century.  I was assumed that another would not be seen for another few decades at least, but Nancy Pelosi has convinced her chums to be bold.

What is the new background check question, you ask? Well, let’s see.

According to the press release handout from “NRA Proposal For Gun Control”…….WHAT? NRA??? It’s not from the democrats?  Huh.

According to the release, one additional question will be asked of all  potential gun owners :

“Do you eat bacon?”


That’s it?

Sorry readers, I expected something intrusive that would keep law abiding citizens from gun ownership. This actually seems sensible. It will weed out the undesirables quickly. I actually support this.

Do you?

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