Democrat Ilhan Omar Caught Eating Bacon At Union Station

Democrat Ilhan Omar is a huge hypocrite. As a Muslamic, Allah forbids her from eating pork of any kind. This includes delicious, delicious bacon. But while she preaches Muslamic values from the halls of Congress, she enjoys a bit of “haram” food herself — food that Allah forbids. Like bacon.

On Friday morning, she was caught having a meal in Union Station in Washington, D.C. And by “caught,” we mean she was secretly coping with her inability to resist the allure of bacon. The photo, originally posted to Twitter by @SorealRobert before liberals reported his account for “hate speech,” showed Omar ordering bacon from a Union Station restaurant.

The eagle-eyed photographer was unable to snap a photo of Omar eating the bacon, but this is proof enough that she is a “do as I say, not as I do” Muslim. Omar has been strangely silent about “Bacongate,” as many have been calling it.

Omar recently proposed a bill that would ban the sale of pork products in “cities with more than a 20 percent Muslamic population.” Currently, this only mean Dearborn, Michigan. So apparently, she will still be safe to eat this forbidden fruit pig while she is spending your tax dollars on meals in Washington and trying to legislate her professed belief system.

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