Dearborn, Michigan Council Bans Ownership Of Pigs

Dearborn, Michigan — also known as the “Mecca of the West” — is the site of a lot of horrible things. The city, which boasts a 76% Muslamic population, is in the clutches of Sharia Law. Over the past few years, the city council has passed a series of laws pushing their Jesus-hating religion on the small but sizeable portion of the population who isn’t a member. Now, they have taken their fear of pork to disastrous new levels.

On Sunday, the City Council voted 7-1 (with one abstaining) to ban the “sale, ownership, and slaughter of pigs and pork products within the city limits of Dearborn.” This means that no one can buy bacon, sausage, or any other products made with pork — including hot dogs.

This new law also will force the Gaskins Family Slaughterhouse, which has been in operation since 1969 and is owned by a Christian family, to close.

“This is terrible,” says Donald Henry Gaskins, who owns the slaughterhouse. “This is not the Dearborn or the America I remember.” Gaskins says he expects a “massive financial loss” when he is forced to sell the building due to his inability to operate his business. The primary products he produces are pork. He will also be forced to vacate his family’s pig farm, which has been in operation even longer.

“I’m already struggling to keep my head above water,” says Gaskins. “This might be the final blow that knocks me into the poorhouse.”

This is just one person hurt by this new law, which a First Amendment group is currently challenging in the 19th District.  Unfortunately, for now, Gaskins’ bills are piling up and he now has no way to make money.

It’s time for President Trump to step in an end this insanity before it’s too late. We can’t tolerate “no-go zones” in America.

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