Dearborn Bans Christian Holidays, Introduces Musslamic Ones

With the Musslamic takeover of Dearborn near complete – demographic replacement, elimination of churches, remaining Christians beaten in the street – the mayor of this once sleepy, now chaotic, Michigan town has now begun pounding in the last nails that will wipe Christianity from the face of the globe.

The female mayor intends to create many more female victims of this misogynist faith –  as oppressed as herself or Rep. Rashida Tlaib.

What does the mayoral product of the world’s most misogynistic cult plan to do? She intends to eliminate all holidays revolving around Christ, Our Lord. This means nobody will get Christmas off from work, nor Easter, Thanksgiving, or Arbor Day. Time with family at these precious times, as God intended, will be eliminated.

But Mayor Amin Ateezie isn’t done there. She’s guaranteed there WILL be family time -but only on Musslamic Holidays. Her aide, Sasha Sandhu, explains:

“No Christmas? No problem! The birth of Muhammaden is right around the corner. Miss Thanksgiving ? You’ll be happy to know it’s almost time for Ramadan! Rather than stuff yourself to celebrate genocide, you can starve yourself for Alaha! And so on and so forth. There will be 46 unpaid holidays in total! Good times!”

There is little opposition to this plan in Dearborn as the Musslamic population now closes in on 100% (currently at approx  11%), so ratification seems inevitable. By December of this year, the word “Christmas” will probably never be heard in Dearborn ever again.

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