Musslamic Kids Demand 5 Daily Breaks For School Prayer

The truth is right in front of you

President Trump signed a historic new bill yesterday that has members of the church faithful across the country cheering at the top of their lungs. The reason for their jubilation? This new bill brought prayer back to public schools.

Church leaders are praising the decision saying, “America is a godly place and this will teach our children the way.” Already prayer groups are being set up within classrooms and prayer circles are forming on school grounds. Smiles and good cheer are seen everywhere.

But it’s not just the Christian children that are celebrating. Kids following the Islamian faith are also over the moon, perhaps even more so than their Christian counterparts. The reason for this comes from their faith. Musslamics are required to pray much more frequently than Jesus People. Whereas Christians do not have a worship schedule, Muslammics do.

And so the little Muslamian children are ecstatic because of the five additional breaks they will have each day for prayer….but across the country, school officials are balking at giving them these escapes from the classroom, and this has the ethnic group up in arms.

Legal representative for Mussalamix Demand Mandatory Acceptance, awe-inspiring beauty, Satya Martin, explains their outrage:

“The law now allows school prayer. That has to be for everyone. We cannot be excluded. MDMA will blow your mind with the legal challenges we are ready to put forth.

Trump probably thought this would only be a good thing for Christians. Well guess what? We are Americans too. Now you’re going to have to give us what we wanted all along. We knew we would win eventually. All it was going to take was somebody as dumb as Trump to get into office to give it to us.

Yes, we will have a short court battle but we will win. The fight will be almost effortless. Trump handed us our desires on a silver platter.”

No. This was not the intention of this school prayer law. It was enacted in order to allow children to worship God, not false idols.

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