Cure For Windmill Cancer Found

President Trump saves millions

Sometimes solutions are simple. While  scientists and professionals will research and experiment and clamour to find the results they want, others take an intelligent and logical approach. The smart people draw a straight line while  the pencil-necked geeks are all over the map.

And so it was again this week. Cancerologists all over the world have been working furiously to find a way to remedy Windmill Cancer ever since President Trump revealed its existence to the world, and they were getting nowhere. These are the same people who had never diagnosed Windmill Cancer in the first place.  It’s no wonder that they were flummoxed.

But now President Trump has stepped in to point out the obvious – if the windmills spinning in one direction causes cancer, isn’t it logical that spinning them backwards can remove the cancer? It is logical.  Unassailably.

The breadth of trump’s medical expertise fully explains why he dictated his “letter of good health” to his personal physician.

Trump’s revelations about windmills of caused a stir in the scientific community. The so-called scientists of the world are addled  as to how this man with no formal medical training could be so far ahead of them im diagnosis and knowledge. But still, they yield to his mental prowess.  They have no choice because time and time again, he proves he never lies and  he is never wrong.

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