Crooked Democrat Firefighters Caught Placing Crisis Actors in a Burning Building

This is just wrong. The Soros machine is has been churning. This scene, captured by a local news crew that has now mysteriously disappeared, was found on a flash drive by the side of the road in Perblopple, Indiana.

Perblopple is the known home of Democrats and a rallying point for Soros operations. It’s where they found 904 Russian trolls serving liberal lies in 2016. Of course, you may have never heard about that. Their power is strong.

Watch as the “fire department,” which is actually just a set of actors as well, sets up a ladder and puts the kids in the house. The “concerned mom” is so concerned that she just takes them and sends them inside:

Rumor has it that the news crew was “suicided like an enemy of the Clintons” and that the family in the building did their job, put on a show and got millions in extra funding for the Perblopple Fire Department.

It was all about money all along. Go figure.

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