Sheriff Fondled By ‘Creepy’ Joe Biden Speaks Out


You’ve probably heard the growing chorus of women speaking out about “creepy” Joe Biden feeling them up and making unwanted advances, using his power and position as Vice President to get away with inflicting psychological torment on them.

But now that Biden has officially announced his run for President, more and more women have spoken out about Biden’s unwanted advances. Of course, the media is focused on them. They should be.

But the MSM is once again ignoring the plight of the 13 men who have also had some terrible experiences with Creepy Uncle Joe. Men like Alabama Sheriff Roy Harper, pictured below:

Sheriff Roy Harper, who was groped by Joe Biden at a 2001 event honoring law enforcement.

Harper filed a lawsuit over the incident in 2003, alleging that he was “irrevocably damaged by this unwanted advance from a United States Senator,” but the lawsuit was thrown out — partly because Biden was a US Senator at the time and the general belief was that Democrat Senators could do no wrong.

Harper was forced to pay his own legal fees, which caused him to have to sell his home. Harper has also undergone years of therapy, but “can’t erase the memory of Joe Biden’s greasy, sweaty hand on his inner thigh” according to a spokeswoman for the Sheriff.

The spokeswoman says that Haper has been experiencing “Chills, cough, fever, hoarseness, lower back or side pain, painful or difficult urination, sleepiness or unusual drowsiness, and bloody diarrhea” since the incident.

According to Harper’s wife, he has been exhibiting some odd behavior since he was “accosted by Creepy Uncle Joe Biden.”

“He’s been going to Hot Yoga every Saturday night since the incident,” says Mrs. Harper. “And the other day, I heard him tell someone that Barack Hussein Obama ‘had some good ideas.'”

In addition, he has “not been able to fire his pistol” since the attack, she says, adding that he was “emasculated” by the former Vice President.

“Plenty of women have their Me Too moments with Joe Biden,” Harper said at a press conference Monday. “Well, I’m here to say loud and proud…Me too.”

“We can’t let him get away with grabbing anyone, men or women,” Harper added. “And he grabs men too. He groped me. It was horrible.”

On Tuesday, Biden denied this incident ever happened despite pictures and video proving it did.

This is the man Democrats want to be President — a serial groper. Well, the rest of us won’t stand for it! We have a higher standard for our leaders.

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