Ocasio-Cortez Wants to Take Guns Away From Cops

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is now on a nationwide campaign to take “all means of lethal force” from ordinary beat and patrol cops. “They do it in England,” said the young, naive Congresswoman, “why can’t we do it here?”

Her proposal would require that police carrying live, deadly force weapons be specially trained, in tactical and recognizable uniforms, and only be dispatched “in extreme circumstances.” In other words, if a patrolling cop comes up on a fight and someone shoots at him, he can fire back with pepper spray and bean bag rounds to his heart’s content, but he has to call SWAT if he needs real backup.

According to her spokesman, Art Tubolls, the idea is very popular in Democrat strongholds like New York and Chicago:

“The members of the African-American and Latino communities would sleep much better at night knowing they may only get tazed or blinded for a minute rather than shot for such crimes as walking while black or looking too brown. It’s time we make the police part of the community rather than the enemy in a war. Police want this. They voted for it at the last union meeting.”

The last union meeting, held in Brussels, was of the International Fraternal Brotherhood of Police, and America was represented by two women, both technically void, since they’d need to join the sorority version. If this crazy idea comes to pass, we won’t need to worry about what police carry. Nobody would ever want to be one.


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