Condoleeza Rice Endorses Joe Biden


It’s quickly becoming a less-than-stellar month for *President Trump.  As his campaign tries to soldier on in the midst of civil unrest and racial tensions as well as a worldwide pandemic, his support is dwindling fast, with no relief in sight.  His own army generals amassing against him, and the very public shunning of support from respected Republicans Susan Collins and Colin Powell, have both draped a black cloud over his chances in 2020.  Well, as of this week, we can add another W. appointee to that list.  Condoleeza Rice.

Dick Cheney has been unavailable since eating a KFC bucket full of baby’s hearts and transforming into the corporeal form of Baal.

In an interview conducted with Sandy Batt of Rolling Queef magazine, the former Bush national security official who famously tried to pass off that President’s Trump-like excuse of “I didn’t know it was coming because I can’t read” for the 9/11 attacks, had some disparaging remarks for America’s most Morbidly Obesey Commander in Chiefy:

“Trump is just incompetent in ways I could never even dream of.  And I worked for Bush, mind you.  We all kind of knew that guy was more or less legally handicapped as far as brain power went.  But Trump?  He’s like that times 100.  It’s as if someone took a parade balloon of Magilla Gorilla, filled it up with ricotta cheese and farts, and then cast a spell on it to make it come alive and retarded.  That’s what Trump is.  Yeah, I’m voting for Joe Biden.  I think anyone sensible is.  We need to be rid of that cartoon horror show as soon as possible.”

“I’m Anton LeVay, and I heartily endorse all cartoon horror shows for ages 3 and up.”

Rice’s comments hold a special weight as well, coming right after similar remarks by another black Republican, Colin Powell.  Experts believe both officials may have chosen now as the time to speak up based on what’s happening in the news cycle.  Others believe Trump has pushed the party to it’s limits in accepting severe stupidity.  Whatever the case, it looks like Biden is about to boot him out of a job…without a mask.


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