Powell Calls Harris : ‘Hope For Black America’ At Dem Convention


War hero.  Military strategist.  Best selling author.  And, some say, last of the true Republicans.  General Colin Powell, formerly a powerful voice on the world stage in the Bush II administration took to the microphone last night to stump for candidate Joe Biden, warn against the disaster that would be the re-election of Donald Trump, and sing the praises of Vice Presidential pick Kamala Harris.

Other black Republican Ben Carson will be speaking at the local middle school about the things you can make with paper mache.

Many are asking why Powell, a lifelong Republican and staunch advocate of conservative values would even appear at the Democratic event.  Joe Barron of the Mary Todd Lincoln Queefing Project, an anti-Trump non-profit organization says he knows exactly why.

“It’s because he’s not a stupid idiot and his eyes and ears work, plain and simple.  At this point, the only people dumb enough to support that incredibly incompetent uber-dipshit are either so riddled with dementia that their grandkids have to remind them not to eat their dog, or are undercover Russian operatives bagging your groceries while they’re tonguing a cyanide capsule.  Colin is against botching pandemics.  Colin is anti-rigging elections.  Mr. Powell has come out against screwing the economy, virus botching aside, by levying tariffs on friendly countries, like Canada, so that American products are stalled for exporting.  It’s pretty simple.  If Trump squeaks or cheats in again, your choice of what the country will be like is between the Walking Dead where all the zombies wear red tardcaps, or Night of the Comet, with broken down Melania Trump as an uglier and dumber cheerleader.”

Mike Pence was a former Indiana State cheerleader until he became pregnant during his sophomore year.

As for Harris, Powell stated that he sees great potential in the lawyer for boosting confidence and pride in the black community, and sees her as scaring old racist trumptards even more than Barack Obama.  Is that even possible?  Don’t underestimate the stupid.

Powell was well-received by the audience, and his 30-minute endorsement of the ticket was an historical moment.  A Republican desperately pleading for sensible leadership instead of toeing the party line like most of today’s useless and criminal G.O.P.  it was a bright moment in a time of black revolution.

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