Colin Kaepernick Threatens To Leave America Because Of Trump Supporters

Goodbye Colin!!!

Colin Kaepernick, former San Francisco 49ers football star has said he will leave America and renounce his citizenship if people don’t start respecting his positions.

Kaepernick said he’s fed up with the disrespect of certain segments of the country, which he calls “ignorant”. He was also recently fired from the Disney company as well for his positions.

Kaepernick, who is no stranger to controversy, unleashed a tirade of untoward comments about real Americans, the patriots who have elected and will re-elect our President.

In the now deleted tweet and Facebook post, he called Trump supporters backward ignorant hicks, toothless inbreds and said Trump is a jackass. Real nice, Colin.

“This country has turned into a real shithole, with these toothless, inbred backward hicks in their red hats and pick up trucks flying Trump flags. What a bunch of ignorant trash. This has to end or I simply can’t live here anymore, the stupidity of these people and that Jackass president are destroying everything this country stood for. These people are a massive cancer on what was once a great country,” Kaepernick’s deleted tweet said.

Kaepernick spokesman Joseph Barron apologized and said his Twitter account must have been hacked. He said Kaepernick loves America and would never think about leaving, not to mention no other country will have Americans because Trump screwed up so much that the world thinks we’re walking infection machines.

We literally couldn’t leave even if we wanted to. We’re all stuck here with this idiot.

I’m sure some of you are totally ok with him and other people who think differently than you leaving the country, because, hey, that first amendment is only for you and other like minded “Christian” conservatives that are neither Christian nor conservative.

Anything to shut down any opposition to your insane MAGA garbage is good for you! 

God bless America and God bless Donald Trump.

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