Clinton Uses His Faith To Justify Underage Brides

The truth is right in front of you

Bill Clinton is wel known for his extra-marital affairs and many have claimed that some of his sexual liaisons have been with young girls below the age of consent. Though this has never been proven, there is much speculation on the matter based, in large part, on his frequent trips with dead sicko, Jeffrey Epstein, to Epstein’s private island aboard his private yet, the “Lolita Express”.

But now there is more reason to believe “Slick Willy” has had involvement with the young. Recently, when cornered by one of our cub reporters, my son, Dick Gozinya, Clinton went off on a diatribe of biblical proportions. Dick asked the former president directly if he had ever been in a relationship with girls of younger ages. Clinton, though he did not admit to such directly, proceeded to rant about how doing so is “justified by the Bible” and is “virtuous in the eyes of God.”

While the details relating to Clinton in here aren’t real, the biblical references are.

“You know, the Bible tells us that all of the early persons on God’s earth messed around with young ones. It was perfectly normal. God had no problem with it. God condoned it. It populated the world. Were it not done, none of us would be here!

Something about if the girl is able to bear children, she’s fair game. I don’t remember exactly but it’s in there.

That book also says it’s a-ok to have relations with your kin. He’ll, it ok’s assaults and murder! Really, everything that we call sin or crime has been sanctioned by God at some point, so don’t judge me!”

Bill Clinton is likely to be facing charges soon as a result of Jeff Epstein’s statements to police. It looks as though he is already preparing his defence.

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