Clinton and Obama Just Made Another Deal with Iran and It Will Cost Us All

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have flown to Iran 11 times this year already on “private sector business.” Unfortunately, their private sector company, NOS Inc, is anything but private.

NOS owns millions and millions in government security contracts. They protect everything from nuclear plants to the most top-secret chemtrail factories and everything in-between. There are airports filled with GMO crop-dusters across the midwest just waiting for the Deep State to get the OK from their bosses to start the genocide we’ve been warned about for decades.

The deal they just made, which includes $4 billion in taxpayer money, will help Iran build the world’s largest solar farm. Chairman of the Joint Defense Committee on Iranian Imports, Art Tubolls, says the outcome could be a disaster:

“These solar farms are supposed to give them a reason to stay away from nuclear energy, but what people don’t realize is that we’re talking about a farm bigger than anything anyone has ever seen. The world’s largest right now is in Germany, and that takes up so much sunlight already that some scientists are beginning to think they might have something to do with global cooling, which is the opposite of global warming since it’s real. You can probably go outside and experience it right now.

This farm is supposed to be 10 times that size. The focused sun rays will not only drop the Earth’s temperature by a few more degrees, it will also cause massive radiation burns and outbreaks of vitamin D poisoning for most of Europe and all of the Middle East.”

A spokesman for the NOS company called the notion that we could have any effect on the power of the sun is “preposterous.” But remember…these people still refuse to believe that the Earth is more of a disk than a globe and that we are, according to proper science and the Bible, the center of the Universe.

The scheme will cost us all. Maybe even our planet, which up to now has done just fine.

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