Clarence Thomas Says SCOTUS Is Ready To ‘Crush The Coup Against President Trump’

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is finally speaking out against the illegal coup attempts by the Democrats. In an interview with SCOTUS Today, Thomas told a reporter that the Supreme Court stands ready to kill the rebellion and restore the rule of law to Capitol Hill:

“The Constitution was never meant to be used to allow Congress to remove a sitting president just because they don’t like him. They have to have a reason. The fact that Pelosi won’t send the articles they drafted hastily in the middle of the night is very telling.

“This isn’t an impeachment. It’s an insurrection. Those responsible may be guilty of treason.”

Thomas went on to say that his colleagues on the court — liberals and conservatives alkie — are not amused by the misuse of the sacred document given to our founders by God himself:

“The United States Constitution isn’t just a document, it’s an act of God. Our Christian Nation has survived longer than any on Earth because we get the important things right. You don’t impeach a president for just anything. He had better have done something really dishonest, like lying to Congress about a sexual relationship or using your power to make money from Obamacare.

“This President has been as open and honest about this whole thing as he possibly could be. We won’t let it stand.”

According to Article 3, Section 12, The Supreme Court will have the final say on the matter. Even if the Senate were to vote to remove Trump, they’d restore him “within minutes.”

Sorry for your loss, Demonrats.

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