Church Of Satyan Recruits Pelosi

Nancy’s learning from the best.

The Church of Satyan has long been reviled by people of faith the world over. In biblical history, the religion’s  self-proclaimed prophet tried to snatch the Ten Commandments from the arms of Moses and she fashioned the crown of thorns that Christ adorn for his crucifixion.  She is seen in the ancient mythology of all religions – Hinduism, Buddhism, Shinto, Islam. Her name is even seen in the lore of the ancient Aztec and Mayan peoples

The Black Heart is symbolic of the Satyanic Church

In every historical reference, the prophet seeks to destroy. She does this most often through the use of an insightful and sometimes disturbing use of mockery.  The kind that people flee from in terror.  Her poignant insight is the stuff of legends , the pointed jabs she produces with it is deadly. She is without a doubt the most simultaneously desired and feared woman in the history of religion. She is the great and powerful Satyamartin.

And now her church has a new member. Nancy Pelosi has joined the cult in order, she says, “to expand her personal barbs and learn to more creatively take down the president by getting in his head”. Indeed, it is Satyamartinism that inspired The Speaker’s famous “fuck you clap” which she used at the President’s State of the Union. For that is the mission of The Church of Satyan : to use sharp tongues and actions to destroy the good and godly in the world. Satyamartin was the best the world has ever seen and her wisdom and insights are taught to her followers through the Sacred Texts.

The Satyamartin could just as easily disarm you with her eyes as her words. Evil incarnate.

Pelosi joining this evil cult is disturbing at best for the ugliness it will create to our government conversations, and destructive at worst as these methods of attack have successfully overthrown governments throughout the world ……without a single use of physical violence. Satyamartinism is a powerful force. God help us all.

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