Canada Will Ban Christianity…..Only Christianity

The truth is right in front of you.

To the surprise of nobody, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada has announced that his country will be banning the religion of Christianity effective in the new year.

The announcement was expected ever since Trudeau and his Liberal Party was elected into office a couple of years ago.  The Liberal Party is vehemently anti-Christian. It has shown this through all their policies including gay marriage, gay rights, recognizing other religions, attending gay pride parades, and giving rights to minorities.

On July 1, the day that Canada celebrates its independence from America, Trudeau is expected to announce to the world his Christianity ban. The practice of Christianity in Canada from that point forward will be a jailable offense, and could land the practitioner up to life in prison.  The teardown of churches will begin the following day in preparation for the full ban.

Trudeau showing he is clearly a traitor.

What the prime minister probably will not mention, but what we have ascertained, is that every other religion is exempt from his ban.  This is not a ban on religion as a whole, this is simply an attack on those who follow Christ. All other faiths will continue to be free to practice openly. It is only Christianity that was singled out.

PMO spokesperson, Sasha Sandhu, offered a brief explanation as to why the government hates followers of the real god :

”There’s too damn many of them and they’ve enjoyed pushing their will upon others for too long. It’s time for the snowshoe to go in the other lumberjack’s igloo.”

July 1, 2019 – the day Canada becomes the Great Dark North.

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