Canada Is Barring Conservative Americans From Entering Country

The truth is right there in front of you

Canada has always been a tourist destination for Americans. It’s close. It’s got beautiful mountain ranges and pristine waters. And for many Americans, it’s the gateway to Alaska.

Canada has recently, however, labeled certain conservative groups as “terror groups” and have decided to prevent them from crossing their borders, and those Americans are piping mad about it. This infringes on their rights, they believe.

When Canada labeled the Proud Boys as a terror group, they had banned them from entering the country, but in doing so, they also banned Trump supporters as well. Certain clothing, hats, bumper stickers and flags can be deemed as undesirable and hate speech.

The confederate flag, MAGA hats, Trump flags and other symbols of conservatism are written into the terror designation, and anyone with them will be denied entry and Americans caught with them can risk arrest in the country.

Free speech advocates have raised concerns about the designation. They believe that these simple symbols don’t denote that these people are dangerous.

Joseph Barron, a Canadian lawmaker who helped write the legislation, agreed in part.

“Sure, they might not be dangerous, but they’re incredibly stupid. Why fly the flags of losers? It’s important that we celebrate freedom of speech, but also important that we keep these people out.”

Barron went on saying that Trump loyalists aren’t exactly the best Americans.

“Most are criminals, they’re bad hombres. We have a duty to keep Canada free of terror and scabies, which a lot of these Trump supporters carry as a result of poor personal hygiene such as seldom taking showers or eating carcasses they find on the side of the road.”

Barron wasn’t very concerned with most of them even wanting to come to Canada, as most are underemployed and spend all of the little disposable income they do have on trump flags and lifted pick ups.

For those who do want to enter Canada, simply not being a mouth breathing Trump supporting troglodyte who’s insistent on showing their stupidity can enjoy Canada’s natural beauty and the best thing to come out of Canada besides Rush, the band, which is poutine.

PSA’s with Terrence and Phillip will be at every border crossing reminding Americans to leave the stupid at home.

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