California Fires Back, Refusing To Fight Fires On Federal Land

The truth is right in front of you

President Trump got tough with Governor Newsom and all of California, stating no federal aid would be forthcoming to fight forest fires until they “get their act together and rake those forests.” His message was clear – the federal government would no longer coddle the state through their incompetence. His words were met with cheers throughout most of the country, but seething anger in the California government.

Today, Governor Gavin Newsom fired back in a speech before victims of the inferno who had lost their homes and businesses:

“President Trump is refusing to send us federal aid. We financially support this entire country and he has told us no.

Well that’s fine. Henceforth, the great state of California will no longer give aid to America. The forests of California are largely federal land, close to 97% belongs to the them. We are not going to fight fire on THEIR land any longer, just our own. That will make our job much easier.

There will be property loss as a result, of course. This is tragic but not to worry – the federal government’s insurance plans are top notch and will cover all. After all, it is THEIR negligence in not actively trying to douse the flames that will be the cause of the lost homes. Trump’s government will be 100% liable. What a waste of federal tax dollars. What winning. But this is what that idiot wants.

By cutting our firefighting burden by 97%, we will be more than able to take care of our own problem in good time.

We are letting the federal government look after its own land. This is how we will keep California great.”

This sounds risky on Newsom’s part. President Trump is sure to retaliate and California could suffer greatly.

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