California Democrats Will Bar Those With Debt From Voting

It's a power grab

Democrats always claim that they want people to vote. They say that there should be no restrictions on who can vote.  Even prisoners and the poor should vote, they say.

Of course, we know that they opposed giving  the vote to women,  to African-Americans, and to a host of other minorities. And now they want to take the vote from middle America.

California Democrat Bob Zerunkle has proposed barring those with personal debts in excess of ten thousand dollars from voting, saying that having such a financial burden shows that they are not prone to sound decision making. He explained further :

”If one has such a debt of these large amounts, it shows a profound lack of judgement and character. If you can’t balance a household budget, how can we expect you would make a logical choice at the election booth for someone in charge of much larger finances ?

And there’s more. People with large debts are more easily bought. They can be more readily bribed. And not just that. They are also more likely to be bought by slick  words promising a quick financial fix out of desperation to become solvent again.”


Democrats want to eliminate the middle-income family home.
And force everybody into crack houses.

The type of debt targeted through this legislation is broad. It could involve anything from credit cards and student loans to a household mortgage.  They are, effectively,  targeting the middle class and their desire to be homeowners.  This of course, will result in only the very rich and very poor being able to vote. And since the poor far outnumber the rich, and the welfare class always votes Democrat, there are obviously seeking new means to rig elections in their favor. It’s diabolical and it cannot be allowed to happen. Write your congressman today!

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