California Changing State Motto To ‘The Sanctuary State’

The truth is right in front of you

Currently, the state motto is simply “The Golden State”, a reference to both their sunshine-filled weather and their gold rush making days. It’s been their motto since formation but that could soon change if a proposal put forth by the “Undocumented Newcomer Organization” gains support. UNO wants a change to something they feel is more fitting for the state’s current state.

“The Sanctuary State”

The motto change has the full support of Governor Gavin Newsom. In today’s throne speech he had this to say:

“Here in California, we welcome all people, regardless of race, creed, age, religion, or legal status. The solitary line we draw is relatively new. It’s with Republican Trump supporters. We don’t want you. Go away.

To everyone else, if you wish to move here, we will welcome you openly, providing you with shelter and safety. In essence, we provide you with sanctuary. We don’t sell it to you like some cult. We give it as we are the angels of the nation. That’s why this new motto is so fitting and, since the rise of Twittler in DC, so timely.

Come one, come all. Our doors are open wide for you. But again, no Trumpies please. There’s enough of you here already.”

This actually is a fitting way to describe the state that is so loaded with tens of millions of undocumented immigrants and dozens upon dozens of sanctuary cities, but it’s still not right. It’s advertising to lure lawbreakers and we can’t have that in America.

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