California Allows Refusal Of Medical Treatment To Christians

Governor says Christians “aren’t human”

In response, they say, to the new Texas law allowing doctors to refuse treatment to LGBTQ persons in accordance with their religious beliefs, California has passed a bill that will allow atheist doctors in their state to refuse treatment to people of faith …….the majority being Christians.

The bill was signed by Governor Gary Newsom today and had passed through government houses with 98% approval. The only 3 nay votes came from the Trump faithful republican members who actually respect the constitution’s rule of law.  Newsom gave his reasons for passing the new law in a press conference earlier today :

”Texas Republicans, in true Republican form, passed a bill yesterday that would allow mostly Christian medical personnel, in emergency rooms or wherever, to let the LGBTQ community die on the floor if treating them opposes the conditions of their so-called faith.

This proves once again how toxic Christianity is. It is a religion built on hate and indifference. Christians do not belong in our state. They do not fit in with our principles of love, family,  and community.

So we will counter the Texas law with one that actually makes sense. In California hospitals and offices statewide, atheist – or anyone really – can now legally refuse treatment to Christians, regardless of their level of need. I don’t care if those monsters come in with multiple gunshot wounds, a heart attack, and a severed pecker. If a doctor is convinced of the patient’s faith in Christ, they can not only just let them die, they can remove them and let them die on the street like the animals they are.”

Newsom went to say more garbage like “the state will be a better place without Christians” and “how funny would it be to watch them die? Ha ha ha.”

Unfortunately, the recent Texas ruling, combined with the near complete absence of sanity in California, will make reversing this law a slow process. All we can do is wait. God only knows how many will die in the meantime.

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