‘Biden Is Not My President’ Group Sues Facebook Over Deletion


All the major social media platforms in America have made it clear to which side of the political spectrum they lean.

Conservative groups and pages like “Diamond and Silk” and “Whites For Trump” found out the hard way that liberals control the internet, and leave opposing voices of sanity and patriotism with inferior substitutes like Parler and MeWe.

This last week, a Facebook group entitled “Joe Biden is Not My President” gained an almost impossible 1.6 million members in just over a few days, a record only rivaled by cult-controlled Scientology sites.

The page was unceremoniously deleted just a day into the new year, however, leaving those millions at the mercy of the same old libs trying to convince the country that Biden somehow won the election against Trump.

In a notice sent to the group’s admins, Joe Barron and Sandy Batt, a brief explanation was given that the page had trafficked in “seditious” and “overwhelmingly untrue” information, thereby violating precious “terms of service.”

“What happened,” Batt revealed, “Is we had just posted a video which I had absolutely no reason to think was controversial.  We’d already been given several warnings about a lot of members posting selfies, which we were told was basically ‘spam’.  All at once at about seven p.m., the page just flickered and then vanished.  We got the following from Facebook in our inboxes:”

message image

Your page : “Joe Biden Is Not My President” has been unpublished for sedition and repeated false statements. Please enjoy Facebook in a truthful manner.
Although the page had several backups ready, admins admitted that those sites have already received multiple insidious warnings and likely won’t last out the week.
Both admins admit they have moved to Parler, but with a lower capacity, population, and count of members stupid enough to buy into laughable conspiracy nonsense, its not the same.
The class action lawsuit filed under “section 230” or some happy ass bullshit has the same chance of succeeding as Ted Cruz does of getting laid in a morgue.
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