College Photo in Blackface May Cause Kavanaugh Resignation


A shockingly blunt photo of Trump-appointed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is causing outrage in Washington political circles this afternoon, with representitives of both parties calling for the ousting of the Clammy-handed Councillor from his seat.

The photo was uncovered by N.Y. Times journalist Joseph Barron while researching a piece meant to profile sex offenders in government positions.  The pic was snapped in a run-up to a Harvard Law school Halloween party, which Kavanaugh attended dressed as N.W.A. frontman Ice Cube.  Kavanaugh admitted his compliance in the racist faux pas but stressed that he did not attempt to overpower and sexually molest any women during that particular evening.

Yearbook staff voted Kavanaugh : “Most Likely To Have To Legally Inform The Neighbors When He Moves To Town” two years in a row.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg gave a short interview concerning the disturbing discovery to Fox News’ Cliven Hannity, son of pundit Sean :

“Well, I don’t feel comfortable frankly, with that psychopath sitting on the court, blackface or no blackface.  Adding racism to someone who’s already an incompetent animal just makes them a sadder incompetent animal.  He should step down and just let Merrick Garland take his place like it was originally supposed to be.”

After the interview, Ginsberg used her mixed martial arts skills to foil an attempted carjacking.

Kavanaugh has had a rough tenure so far in the Supreme Court, showing up too drunk to perform his duties 17 times, and caught using crack in a federal restroom twice.  This damning photo may spell the end for the Bro Who Doesn’t Hear “No.”

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