BREAKING: Mike Pence Signs Letter of Resignation Dated January 6th

Mike Pence has submitted his letter of resignation to the Oval Ofice, in an envelope marked “please open after Congress adjourns on January 6th.”

Some Trump loyalists are hopeful that the letter is a letter of intent to stay on as Vice President during Trump’s second term, but it looks more and more like it’s a letter of resignation.

According to an insider who used to clerk for a judge Mike Pence recommended for a federal bench, Pence is done with the show and wants out:

“Even if Donald Trump remains president, Mike Pence says he’s through. He told my neighbor’s gardener’s fiance at a fundraiser that he wouldn’t serve a second term for all the cookies in mother’s oven.”

Is Pence done with politics or will he work for the Deep State? That probably depends on which way he decides to go on the 6th. According to Alan Dershowitz’ nephew, Leroy Timothy Dershowitz:

“There’s still a chance that this is all a ruse set up by Trump to make people believe Pence is on their side. He’s always playing 7D chess.”

Most pundits, scholars, lawyers, judges, generals, and other regular people tend to think that none of this is true and that maybe just embracing a new administration might save a bunch of Meal Team Six cultists a stint behind bars for sedition and stupidity.

Then there are those who believe, beyond a reasonable doubt other than what’s happening in the real world, that Trump will magically be appointed POTUS again by a Vice President who is suddenly the most powerful man in the world.

Then there are those who are of the school of thought that if all it takes is the will of one man, then why not just appoint yourself? Could we be looking at a President Pence?

Nothing is off the table, patriots, as long as we continue to believe that there aren’t established rules we may need to follow over the course of an election cycle.

God bless America.

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