Subpoenas For Bolton and Mulvaney Ruled Unconstitutional

John Bolton and Mick Mulvaney won’t have to appear before Congress, according to a ruling from the 129th District Court of Affidavits, the subpoenas issued are as unconstitutional as the impeachment hearings themselves. The court’s head Judge wrote in his majority opinion:

“There’s no path in Article 5 that allows for the President’s Chief of Staff or his advisors to be questioned by Congress. The Privilege Clause is clear: Trump can cancel subpoenas and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. This case is dismissed with prejudice.”

The ruling clears the way for the dismissal of the entire Impeachment trial currently making a mockery of our justice system. Trump’s brilliant legal team is planning to bring the motion to dismiss before the Supreme Court as early as Tuesday, right after lunch.

Democrats are scrambling all across Washington in an attempt to subvert the order, calling Rudy Giuliani to testify before a court decides he’s off-limits too. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s official spokesman and pilates instructor, Art Tubolls, says this isn’t the end of the inquiry:

“Whatever this kangaroo court decided has no bearing on Congress. The Speaker is looking into other alternatives to get Bolton and Mulvaney to testify, including issuing UN subpoenas that aren’t subject to US laws. It doesn’t matter how we get to the truth, it only matters that we get there.”

Now we know their strategy. Take any road necessary to smear the President, even if it includes using an illegal international court we don’t recognize to do so. What’s next? Take the case to Judge Judy?

It looks like the Democrats will just have to settle for the truth. Donald Trump is the President, and he decides what’s illegal and what’s not. His policies are clear: leave him alone or you’re going to be subject to a twitter smackdown the likes of which only Trump himself could defend against.

We’ll keep you updated on this bigly huge news.



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