Bob Woodward Faces Charges For Breach of National Security

Just like we all knew would happen, some big-time liberal “reporter” has released a “bombshell” within a couple of months of the election.

The “journalist,” Bob Woodward, is well-known as half of the team that took down Richard Nixon, and now he wants to take down Donald Trump.

That’s all well and good, but unfortunately, it looks like he went too far.

According to sources inside the Justice Department that may or may have direct knowledge of the case, Bob Woodward breached national security and endangered the whole country when he spilled the beans about Donald Trump:

“It looks like he used some material that was potentially harmful to the public at large without permission, which is a big no-no in the world of national trust.

“Not only did he tell people what the president said, he did so in a way that may cause him to lose the election, which puts our great country at risk of falling into the hands of Joe Biden.”

It’s true, patriots. In Joe Biden’s America, we’ll see the end of the peace and prosperity we’ve enjoyed under Trump. Those protesters will definitely leave the big cities and head out to rural America, where they can be ignored, mocked, and possibly shot at by low-information people and their biases.

Therefore, Woodward is guilty of violating election-year journalism laws, aimed at keeping America safe from the truth while an incumbent president tries to defend a record that includes 200K dead Americans. President Trump enacted the law by executive order yesterday.

You won’t be getting away with this, Bob Woodward!


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