Blacks For Trump Now A Major Political Force After Impeachment


Black Trump support soared after the impeachment hoax, and it will be enough to send Donald Trump back to the White House for another four years. Black leaders, entertainers and sports figures are gathering in cities all across America to stump for the president and Republicans in general.

There are concerts and rallies planned in Vidor, TX, Sandpoint, Idaho, Darien, CT, Norris, TN and Pollock, LA with more in the works. Hip hop music, marches, and speeches at every stop.

Kanye West, Wu-Tang Clan, The Sugar Hill Gang, and Eryka Badhu will be performing at each stop, playing well into the late hours of the night.

Noted speakers include Jeremiah Wright, Afeni Shakur, and special guest Frederick Douglass will be giving speeches about being black in America and how our President has impacted their lives and communities.

OJ Simpson, one of the organizers feels strongly about Donald Trump and is excited to bring him to the black community. “Not only is he making America great again, but I feel a strong personal bond with him as well”.

Kanye West, a very vocal Trump Supporter has been planning this for months. “ I see the good he’s doing, and since y’all bought that religious crap I’m peddling, maybe I can sell you some Kanye/ Trump-branded merchandise too!”

OJ spoke of his connection to Trump, saying “We both were acquitted of crimes that we actually committed.  He’s an honorary black man to me!”

The first rally happened in Fitzgerald, GA, with over 50,000 African Americans descending on the southern town.  In addition to the fun and festivities, there will also be voter drives and target practice.

“Our aim is to not only spread the good word of Donald Trump but to more guns into the hands of young black men”, said organizer Ella Baker.

This will literally be a takeover of these towns every weekend until the election. Everyone of all races is encouraged to attend!

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