AOC Wants You To Stop Using The Word ‘Black’


If you’re looking for some advice that you probably won’t get from anyone else in the world, look no further than New York’s contribution to the Government, representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  The youngest member of Congress, the former bartender has done it again, with a statement released this Friday concerning the state of racial unrest currently plaguing the country.

“What we all need to do is to stop using that word.  ‘Black’.  It’s divisive and insulting, and it’s just a dying remnant of Boomer racism that replaced the term ‘colored people’.  Can you imagine how much less violence would occur if police descriptions would just center on identifying a suspect as ‘male’ or ‘female’, and then just an accurate description of their clothing or tattoos or height and weight?  I don’t see why the color of someone’s skin has anything to do with anything.  If we really must, let’s refer to darker complexioned people as just that.  Darker-complexioned Americans.  Or ‘Light-absorbent citizens’.  I just think it would greatly help the dialogue to move us past the race issue.  Thank you.  Can I keep this little microphone?  I totally have earrings that match it.”

DID YOU KNOW? In the State of New York, Cortez is 50 times more popular than Donald Trump with registered voters, small donors, and Melania Trumps.

Joe Barron of the NAACP agrees, offering to change the name of his own organization to the NAABM, or “National American Association of Bountiful Melanin.”  The congressional cutiepie’s movement has already started gaining viral notoriety on social media.  It looks like this might be the beginning of a new age in American understanding, and an end to the “dark” ages of old.

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