Biden To Send Guam Billions In Aid After Caravan Arrives At US Border

The truth is right there in front of you

The Biden administration is just giving our country away. Anybody with their hands out is getting the American pie. It’s disgusting how much the Biden administration is just handing money over to whoever wants it while Americans are suffering. This time, however, it’s like a ransom, and it’s just too much to take.

The Biden administration is handing billions of American dollars over to Guam. And Majorie Taylor Greene, Republican of Georgia, put the spotlight on it. Mrs Taylor Greene knows a thing or two about foreign relations and is hard at work educating liberals and the rest of the world about American exceptionalism. That’s when she noticed the massive payments to the nation of Guam. She was in disbelief over why there were  payments to Guam.

She has also noticed the caravan of Guamian nationals coming to the US border. That’s right. Another caravan of freeloaders with their hands out. Imagine, thousands of Guam residents just marching to our nation, ready to take American Jobs and sign up for American benefits. It’s terrifying to think about what this means for good, Christian Americans who work hard. An invasion from immigrants from Guam could be too much to handle for our already unstable economy.

Border security expert Joe Barron has been tracking Majorie Taylor Greene’s statement on the Guam caravans. “Yes sir, I’ve been tracking this caravan and it looks like they’ve been entering at the border of Arkansas” Barron stated. “Thousands and thousands of these people, invading Bentonville and taking good American jobs at Walmart!” Our reporter was in disbelief. Then Barron stared at him. “Guam is an American territory you idiot, and the only thing that borders Arkansas to the south is Louisiana, Jesus Christ you are dumb”.

But what about Majorie Taylor Greene’s comments on Guam getting our tax dollars? Yeah they’re true, as Guam is an American territory. You don’t even need a passport to go there. As for caravans marching towards the border, it’s in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. So yeah, by all means dummies, keep watchful eyes on the border of Arkansas for people from Guam. This is why the aliens won’t talk to us.

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