Biden to Give Obama VP Nod


Democratic Presidential hopeful and Super Tuesday front runner former Vice President Joe Biden was overheard to say to President Barack Obama that if he (Biden) was to win the nomination then Obama would be Biden’s running mate.

Trish Blake, a server at the Whataburger restaurant on LBJ Freeway in Dallas, Texas was in the stall when a man walked into the women’s restroom. She speculated that he walked into the wrong restroom accidentally, just another in a long line of Biden gaffes.

Earlier that night while celebrating his victory he mistakenly thought that his sister was his wife Jill who happened to be standing behind him. Do we really want this goofball to be our President?

“I could tell by his voice that it was the Vice President. It was unmistakable. I peeked through the gap in the door and sure enough it was Joe Biden talking on the phone.“
“At first I was about to say something when he said “Look Barack, I think this will be a winner, winner chicken dinner pal. You’ve made history as the first black President and now again as the first black VP. We can’t lose man, it’s a sure fire deal bro!””

Ms. Blake went on to say that Mr. Biden looked around, turning circles muttering “Where the hell is the damn urinal in this thing?”, when she heard a knock on the door and someone from outside called his name. He chuckled and said “Oh damn Barack I did it again. Yeah, the ladies room. Come on man quit laughing. Look just sleep on it ok? Yeah later.” then the Vice President left the bathroom.

We asked Constitutional scholar, Craven Moorehead, if this was even possible and she said there was nothing that says he can’t do that.

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